Introducing The Series: Anxiety, Depression, and The Gospel

Introducing The Series: Anxiety, Depression, and The Gospel

anxiety, depression, gospel

A short while ago my church hosted a women’s conference and asked me if I would be willing to be a “breakout session” speaker. I chimed in with a quick “yes!”, and then abruptly kicked myself in the rear.

I am not a speaker.

My husband is the speaker in this family. He would LIVE on a stage if he were allowed, and I have always been perfectly happy with being the one in the background making sure everything runs smoothly.

But for some reason I said yes to this one.

And then came the email that asked “What is it that you would like to speak about?”. I knew that one of the reasons I was asked to speak is because of my willingness to be very open about my struggles with mental health in this web community, so a topic that went along with that seemed like the logical choice.

“Anxiety, Depression, and The Gospel”

This was my choice. Only after seanxiety, depression, gospel, lecting it did I realize, OH MY WORD, that’s a HUGE topic. And I was going to speak about it in 30 minutes. Of course. I could cover the entire scope of anxiety and depression issues and how the Gospel relates to them in 30 minutes or less, right?

*Que the sweating*

I sat down with a notebook and wrote pages of notes and ideas. I looked up every verse that had anything to do with my topic, and then I panicked more. This was way too big. This needed to be it’s own conference, not a 30 minute breakout session.

I needed bullet points to arrange my ideas and could not wrangle my words together. I shared this with my sweet friend, Robin, and she piped up very quickly with “You know what people need to hear?  ‘Me too, it’s okay, there’s help, and there’s hope’”.

She was so right, and it was so simple that I actually laughed out loud. She gave me my four bullet points, and ultimately the topics for this new series.

When the conference was over I had three take-aways:
1.  I actually enjoyed speaking.
2.  People are hungry for others to share their mess.
3.  I needed to share this information with you, my people.

This is the beginning of take-away number three. I’m beginning a four-part series and I hope you will come along for the ride. Do you have friends or family members who need to hear those four little phrases? Invite them along. We can find healing together.

Stay tuned for Part 1 – Anxiety, Depression, and The Gospel: Me Too

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