Mid-August Reflections


It’s mid-August, which in the Schaffner household translates to “Only a week or so left until our life goes nuts for a while”. The end of August, for the last ten years or so (OH MY WORD, 10 years?), is the (new) beginning of my husband’s ministry.

We work with University students, so the beginning of a school year means more than just pencils and notebooks for us, it means kick-off to our University ministry, weekly University worship services, new Bible studies, lots of coffee with students, and tons of fun events. Translate: Über busy.

Our anniversary falls on Kick-off Sunday again this year. One day we’ll actually celebrate our marriage in the actual month we got married. One day.

As homeschoolers, it also means cracking open our shiny new curriculum (SO EXCITING, I’m such a nerd), developing all kinds of new calendars and routines that will inevitably be thrown out the window, and enjoying going to public places that are generally much more crowded but we now have all to ourselves.

It’s also the kick-off of Wednesday night activities at our church, and this year we have some changes. GULP, my daughter is entering the youth group. Tonight is a big youth event that is designed to help transition the young ones into the youth group and it freaks me out just a little. Just a little (hahahahahahahahahaha, help me).

My middle son will no longer be considered a “child”, he is now entering the “pre-teen” ministry. Oh my word.

How can this be, you ask?

I know, it’s because I seem so young and spry. Thanks for that, by the way.

Oh, it’s because another event happening in August is that in 11 days I’ll be 40 years old.

40 years old.


And right now that’s all I have to say about that.

So, I hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of Summer. Swim, drink iced tea, wear those flip flops as long as possible, and soak in the sun. Soon we will all be in a haze of activity, math facts, and tears over actual bedtimes.



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  • Aahh, I remember the transitions into the youth groups well. I especially remember going from holding their hands and signing them into their elementary small groups to, “We got it mom. See ya after church!” It happens so fast doesn’t it?” Lots of exciting stuff Amy! Happy birthday!

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